Hannu Hurme Photography

In The Woods part 2


Today we went into the woods for the second time. Another forest, another person. Lots of other photos taken as well and I will post some of those later on.

Little foggy

Tonight I will shoot the second part of my In The Woods series. The weather is interesting to say the least. Too bad this fog will most likely be gone by the time I'm in the forest.

In the woods


I'm starting a new project about people in nature and more specifically in the woods. Forests have always held a special meaning for me and I know that especially many finnish people share this sentiment. Atlhough not purposefully taken for this project, this will be the first photo in the series and you can expect more throughout the summer.

Shooting birds in Seurasaari

An 85 mm prime isn't the best tool for shooting birds, but I was positively surprised when I sat down next to a bird feeder. After some thirty minutes the birds got used to me and although getting accurate focus was difficult I still managed to get many fun photos.

Spring cleaning

Trying out new Koken CMS system made especially for photographers, designers and so on. I'm hoping it'll suit me well as I'm both. Although This site will most likely focus on my photography.