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Fells of Lapland

I recently went to Levi and Ylläs in Lapland. These are the most well known fells with ski centers in northern Finland. My trip didn't include any skiing nor did I have much time for photography, but few random reindeer happened to wander on the way of my camera and the result was nice so I decided to put it here.

In The Woods part 5 and 6

It has been a while since the last update. Originally I had thought I would have time to take plenty of photos during the autumn when yellow and red dominates the landscape, but my life proved to be quite busy. I finally had a chance to go into the woods again, this time with my friend Henrik Forsberg.

I had planned to only have one photo per person in this series, but since it's been so long since last shoot and since these two photos were really different from each other I decided to include them both.